more miles than money

My review for realtravel has finally been written! Here it is:

More Miles Than Money – Journeys through American music

Gareth Cartwright’s exposing, almost spiritual journey through the land of the free in search of honest, good American music is an insightful novel that will leave you feeling as if you were tucked away in his backpack.

On his grand tour to find the soul of America, he encounters many interesting characters that liven up what could have become a bildungsroman unrelated to most of us.

Cartwright’s incredible eye for detail can transport you to a dreary Greyhound bus station in Las Vegas, or to the slums of LA, alive with crystal meth.  It is his energy and ease of description that will engage the avid traveller and the serious music lover alike.

This is a road trip that everyone should take in their lifetime and with Cartwright by your side, not even money can prevent you.

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One response to “more miles than money

  1. I think you succinctly summarize not only the book but the “experience” so well in so few words. Well done!

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