swan lake loses its female cast

Absence of female swans at Roath Park hinders reproduction

Opened in 1894, Roath Park Lake draws 2.5 million visitors a year and is considered one of Wales’s biggest attractions.  One of the highlights is the beautiful, resident mute swan, but this year there was a substantial lack of youth on the lake.

Community Park Ranger Gareth Stamp sadly said, “There has been one successful mating, producing five juveniles”.  Statistics released by SE Wales Biodiversity Records Centre (SeWBrec), counted 83 mute swans in May, but with just five pairs.

It appears that the abundance of male swans on the lake is hindering reproduction, but “with no difference in life expectancy” between the sexes, no-one knows why there are so few females.

Could it be that romance is finally dead, even for the swan population?

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  1. I counted 7 signets on my walk round the Lake recently, are you 100% sure of your information?

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