24 and still at no.22

I’ve been considering setting up a new niche – the thoughts of a twenty-something trainee journalist who still lives with her parents. This is something I know about, well, but don’t want to know anymore about. Enough is enough.

If I have to hear “Simon is going to take (insert terrible artist) under his wing”, one more time, I may spontaneously combust.  I have heard the same line since Lemar was back on that BBC spin off, what was it called? The Wretch Factor? No, I know not.

But really, how long can it go on. I am “obviously not making much of an impression in the room” said my dad when he asked me for the second time whether I had seen Gavin and Stacey this week.

I was sat right next to him.

To relieve my melting ice-cream like stress – watching The Muppets sing Bohemian Rhapsody pushed all of my 99 buttons:


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3 responses to “24 and still at no.22

  1. OK – that’s it! Rent books out. Contracts need to be signed. Some rudimentary requests about tidiness, free use of car, phone, heating and food might need to be made.

    Not to mention those comments made about your poor old dad who’s obviously suffering from post-operative memory loss or early onset dementia (hopefully not). Shameful! You need to get in touch with your feeling-side 🙂

  2. PS You could give credit to who gave you the YouTube link – can see you’re shaping-up just fine to be a journalist 🙂

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