This much I know

This much I know: Alyson Lammie
The professional ice skater, 24, in her own words

Alyson Lammie

When I was little, they used to call me Mountain Goat. I was so small that I always used to climb onto things to be as high up as possible. I’m still small. I still do it now.

I walk everywhere on my tip toes. Even when I wear trainers I walk on my tip toes. I can’t put my heels down, well I can, but it is so uncomfortable. My tendon is really short so when I put my feet down, I kinda slap my feet. I walk really weirdly.

The other girls at the ice rink didn’t like me arriving at such a late age to win all of the trophies. The average age to start for professionals my standard, is about 4 or 5. I started skating when I was eleven-years-old. I came from nowhere and won a lot of medals which is never popular with girls.

I haven’t had a Christmas at home for five years.

The last time I saw my grandma I got her really drunk. We were laughing so much. She died at New Year’s, aged 91. It was really shit because I couldn’t get back from tour, so it hit me really hard. One day she had a chest infection and the next, she was gone.

I have been to every city in France you could ever name, even the tiny towns.

I can’t wait to go away again. I am going back on tour in just under two weeks. I wish I was going now. I got an email this morning to tell me that they have changed it as we were meant to be going to Slovakia for Christmas, but now it looks like we are off to Athens.

I spend half my year in Utrecht, Holland. Utrecht is about 10 minutes out of Amsterdam. Holiday on Ice’s base is there, so we always start the tour off in Utrecht. It is one of the nicest cities I have ever been to and I would love to live there. Everything is much cleaner and prettier than Amsterdam, and homey. It is the Dutch people’s Amsterdam. There is a lot more culture there, whereas Amsterdam is just for people who want to smoke dope and sleep with people.

You don’t see chavs in Holland. Holland is exactly like the United Kingdom, but that little bit nicer.  Less windy, a bit flatter and everyone speaks English.

I popped a spot in a lift mirror on tour once. Lift mirrors are always the best. There is never ever anyone in this particular hotel, so I thought that’s a wicked light. Unfortunately, some guy from my hotel walked straight in.

I love cheese. The smellier the better. Blue cheese, Stilton, odd cheeses, you know, the weird stuff.

I didn’t ever imagine that I would be a skating coach. My mum thought it would be a good idea to have something to fall back on. At the moment I have one pupil and he is so inspiring. Before I started to coach him he was really bored of skating and about to quit, but now he loves it. Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm right? So, I go into each lesson really excited about what we are going to do and he feeds off it. He’s my little protege. Being 13 and gorgeous has nothing to do with it.

I hate Radiohead. I can’t stand them, they bore me inside out. I need excitement in my music. I need it loud.

I have nearly died four times. Columbia was so dangerous. There were gunshots in the street. Even in the supermarkets.

I am pretty indifferent to John and Edward.  I admire that they are getting successful for doing absolutely nothing but being hated.  People just hate watching them so much that they kind of like how bad they are.

I am terrified of pigeons. I have to cross the road if one ever comes directly into my path. It all started when one slapped me in the face with its wings. And now, even the sound freaks me out.  I try and prepare myself for when I see one on the ground and I know it is going to flap, but when it happens, I grab anyone that is around me and scream. In order to save embarrassment, I have learnt to get out of their way first.


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