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a valuable resource for the future

Very quickly as my battery is about to run out on my Mac, and my actual battery is about to run out. I read an interesting blog post by Kevin Marsh from the BBC College of Journalism about their new website which will be free to all UK users.

And as we were told by Adam Tinworth, a blog post can just be a link to something interesting. Something you want to share with your community .  So, voila – a fantastic resource for the future and one to add to the blogroll.


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encouraging conversation

Why am I a week late writing this post? Hmm, I think I may have to start removing the dates off my posts so I can slyly slip them up here.  Shall I begin with an excuse again?

I recognise the importance of blogging but it just doesn’t seem a priority for me at the moment.  On a To-Do list, it would fall at the bottom. But why? Probably because I am not involved with my audience.  I have no conversation and no network.

Last week, in a lecture given by Adam Tinworth from RBI, we were told that a blog is no place for Opinion.  It should be a place for sharing information; posting a link, a photo or a video. You should have enthusiasm but it shouldn’t be opinionated.  This I find hard to accept, but I am willing to follow his advice to see if I can become a better blogger.

Adam went on to discuss the traits of a good blogger –

A good blogger is:

Curious cat







(Photo taken by dcjohn on Flickr)

Now, one could say that this rather lovely looking cat has all these qualities – who by the way is known as Bartlet – but a slightly better analogy would be to compare it to a beat journalist.  If we start to define ourselves by beats again and concentrate on the input of the information, rather than the output, we can all make good bloggers.  If we look at blogging like that, it isn’t so scary.

In doing a little research about Adam Tinworth, Google delightfully returned Tweet of the Week – for the week beginning Oct 5th.

Picture 1

It is clear that Adam feels very passionately about the world of “social media”.  He has enthusiasm for his subject which drives traffic and encourages conversation.  What I am finding hard about blogging is that I don’t have a niche.

Over the past few weeks, I have generated just over 100 hits. If I were a newspaper I would be dying. Adam Tinworth made it very clear that one of the most important skills a good blogger can have is enthusiasm.

I have buckets of enthusiasm to spare. But, I am just not sure what I want to pour myself into.


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