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facebook vs twitter on a Butetown mission

I am not saying they can’t coexist peacfully in an online world, but I have been rather interested in the differing ways they can help me as I train to become a journalist.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been researching Butetown for a feature due in next week. My mission which I set myself, was to find a 72-year-old woman who still lives in Butetown.

This has proved to be rather difficult. Lazily, I posted a quick shout out on Twitter in the hope that someone might know someone, who in turn might know someone — and as if by magic, my work could be done — but I hit a dead end, very quickly. No replies and no voice could be heard from the Twitterverse. I was alone.

So, I retreated to some old, tried and tested methods, the telephone (I am a little bit distressed that I am now calling my new Blackberry, old, but yes, it probably is) and failed. No-one wanted to talk to me. I was starting to feel a little hurt.

But then, in a striking breakthrough and through some warranted stalking on Facebook — another thing I never thought I would say — I completed my mission, and with just under a week to spare. Success!

On Facebook, I was able to entwine myself into a group about the area and ask people directly whether they knew of anyone. People who were concerned enough about Butetown and ‘Tiger Bay’ to create a group about it, would surely be able to help.

My thanks go out to everyone who was willing to talk to a stranger on Facebook and help point me in the right direction.

I believe that’s 2-1 to Facebook. Keep up Twitter, you’re supposed to be the “new” social networking site.

I would really appreciate any other tips on how to find individuals on the world wide web and in the big wide world. Feel free to comment


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