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facebook vs twitter on a Butetown mission

I am not saying they can’t coexist peacfully in an online world, but I have been rather interested in the differing ways they can help me as I train to become a journalist.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been researching Butetown for a feature due in next week. My mission which I set myself, was to find a 72-year-old woman who still lives in Butetown.

This has proved to be rather difficult. Lazily, I posted a quick shout out on Twitter in the hope that someone might know someone, who in turn might know someone — and as if by magic, my work could be done — but I hit a dead end, very quickly. No replies and no voice could be heard from the Twitterverse. I was alone.

So, I retreated to some old, tried and tested methods, the telephone (I am a little bit distressed that I am now calling my new Blackberry, old, but yes, it probably is) and failed. No-one wanted to talk to me. I was starting to feel a little hurt.

But then, in a striking breakthrough and through some warranted stalking on Facebook — another thing I never thought I would say — I completed my mission, and with just under a week to spare. Success!

On Facebook, I was able to entwine myself into a group about the area and ask people directly whether they knew of anyone. People who were concerned enough about Butetown and ‘Tiger Bay’ to create a group about it, would surely be able to help.

My thanks go out to everyone who was willing to talk to a stranger on Facebook and help point me in the right direction.

I believe that’s 2-1 to Facebook. Keep up Twitter, you’re supposed to be the “new” social networking site.

I would really appreciate any other tips on how to find individuals on the world wide web and in the big wide world. Feel free to comment


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find a freegan

About 3 weeks ago I set myself the task of trying to find a freegan for an article I wanted to write. They are curious beings. I have searched high and low for one to write on.

Twitter brought me back one freegan. But he lives in London, not quite Cardiff – where are these food finders? I can’t find them!

I got quite interested in freeganism when I started writing an article for alt:Cardiff. I even entertained the idea of donning a hoodie and raiding a supermarket bin, much to my mother’s chagrin. But I got slightly scared. I was offered no protection from my boyfriend who quite simply turned his nose up at the idea, not wishing to stumble through an orange dumpster dirtying his Superdry trainers – so, naturally, being the free-thinking woman I am,  I bottled it.

Remember that article I wrote about the benefits of Facebook for journalists over Twitter. At the time, I couldn’t really see how Facebook could help me – but it did.

It found me a freegan and I get to have a chat with her after Christmas. Now, where shall I take her, a coffee shop or round the back of a supermarket?

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a little test..

I thought I would do a little mid afternoon test. Can I use Facebook as a journalistic tool at 1.30pm on a Thursday afternoon?

Besides the usual girl meets boy, girl loves boy, girl dumps boy publicly on facebook and removes her relationship status – is there actually anything I could use for a story?

The Journalist’s Guide to Facebook seems to think that we can, “Journalists and the institutions they write for are finding Facebook to be an important resource in conducting the reporting that they do.” – But are we? Our use of Facebook is limited as we choose who to be friends with.

Picture 1Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I am friends with anyone newsworthy. But I will not give up at the first hurdle, let’s have a closer look.

Picture 3

No, definitely not. Everyone is interesting in playing a farming game on my facebook page. I can’t seem to find an interesting angle or point in my news feed.

So, I have a had a thought – granted, an unoriginal thought, but what if I set up a facebook account that could source stories for me.  Perhaps, I could start with a group within my friendship network, but then if I created a username specifically targeted at sourcing stories I could reap some dishy rewards.

But, of course, this would only work if I build a relationship with the people in my community, as Leah Betancourt from MASHABLE, the social media guide says,

Picture 2

Right then, I am off to be a human journalist…



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