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a chat with GLC

I am writing an article on Goldie Lookin Chain this week, and as I can’t use all of the quotes I thought I would post them up here. They make for an entertaining read on a Monday morning.

In his own words, Eggsy from GLC:

Are you going to be playing any new material?
Yeah, loads of new stuff which will be out next year plus a load of stuff from the original albums, return of the red eye and don’t blame the chain. Sexual

Are any of the proceeds of the tour going towards Shelter Cymru?

I don’t know they put us in a bus and made us get drunk. So far Graham has been sick on his own thighs twice. I might get him to donate his gusset to charity. Tasty.

Are you excited about playing in Cardiff?

Cardiff is going to rock. We should know all the words by the time we get there and we know where all the Burger Kings are located. I think my dad is coming to the gig too. Well safe.

Why are you not playing Newport on this tour?

I don’t know. We should have a gig at Graham’s house. We could all get naked and have an orgy in his garage afterwards. And he could cook chips for the fans.


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