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Oh dear. It is catching again. I am back into my computer and social networking.  Having been away travelling for 4 months, I lost the desire to tweet and to blog – the outdoors seemed way more appealing.  This is what can happen when you are in a tiny, hot and sweaty internet cafe (consisting of two computers) in Indonesia aimlessly trying to upload photos to Facebook to reassure your mother that no, you weren’t in the Ritz-Carlton at the time of the Jakarta bombings.  As if, I was in a hotel of much grander status: A delight..

But, anyway I digress…the point I was trying to make was that I want to blog. I want to blog about everything, when I should be doing a million other things.

One of those things is a writing a book review for RealTravel.  I am supposed to have read and written a review for More Miles Than Money written by Garth Cartwright.  I am four chapters in. The deadline is Monday.  I am having vivid memories of first year when I used to write an essay on Dickens based primarily, on the first 67 pages…

I am a quick reader, but not even I think I can do this.  The problem being, is that I have to run 13 miles tomorrow as I am running the Cardiff Half Marathon.  Something tells me I won’t finish the race if I have to read while running…

The second problem is this blog.  Ever since I started it I want to write on it but at the expense of everything else…I am already 3 days late with 3 ideas…Jan Moir is going to escape because I am writing a blog post about writing blog posts while listening to my cat snore.

Ah my old friend procrastination – I had 3 hours to work today.  Now I have 1…


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