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As the bible once said “In the beginning was the word..”, but no wait, you haven’t stumbled across a religious blog.  Oh no, this is the beginning of my new blog.  My word?!  The birth of a new blog is about as close to a child as I might get for a while.  Perhaps it should be a test, like when people keep plants before being allowed a pet. Oh god this has started all wrong.  Now I’m religious and I want to have a baby. All preconceptions of a 24-year-old journalism student have gone out the window. Whoosh..

Back to the real world, I have successfully whiled away two hours trying to make my blog look pretty. Dissatisfied and no further along I thought it might do me some good to start writing.  I always think that the first blog post is the worst, it is like introducing a novel when you don’t really have a plan.  What will encourage people to read this blog over a million others, apart from becoming an absolute whizz at search engine optimisation?

In September, I started at Cardiff School of Journalism and since then I feel overtaken by all things new.  Mainly, work.  After graduating a few years ago and floating my way through very easy jobs, not to mention throwing myself off canyons, out of aeroplanes and sunning myself on Indonesian beaches for three months I now have to work.  Every night.  Far from being a chore, I am enjoying every second of it.  This blog however, has caused me to have a few sleepless nights.  That’s a small white lie, I sleep very well, but it has caused me to think…

Firstly, about the new world of the journalist.  The world that I will be entering, where our moves are tracked online, on air and on paper.  Will we be able to escape? Will we want to?  Today, was a momentous day where old and new media collided  – The Guardian was gagged, they were: “prevented from reporting parliamentary proceedings on legal grounds which appear to call into question privileges guaranteeing free speech established under the 1688 Bill of Right”.   How to untie its unlawful binds – Twitter!  Once The Guardian had published this article, people began talking about it, tweeting to one another and soon the injunction had reached so many people that the ban was lifted.

Alan Rusbridger tweeted at about midday: “Victory! #CarterRuck caves-in. No #Guardian court hearing. Media can now report Paul Farrelly’s PQ about #Trafigura. More soon on Guardian..”  and then shortly after, “Thanks to Twitter/all tweeters for fantastic support over past 16 hours! Great victory for free speech. #guardian #trafigura #carterRuck”

In breaking this story, both old and new journalism were working together.  The fortresses were broken down.  It is evident now more than ever, that those journalists who are unwilling to embrace new media as part of their job, will soon be a thing of the past.  But those that can tame it to their own advantage will sail out of this “Kafquesque” world and into the future of journalism.  Whatever that may hold.

So, what do we know?  We know that the future holds blogs and it now holds my blog.  This blog will follow me as I train to become a journalist.  There will be posts on readings, media-related fancies and things that catch my eye in the world of news and that I want to rant about.  Also, every week I will also be having a gander at a photo that I think would make a good front cover for a magazine.  Controversial, interesting or just plain pretty, it will be here in all its glory.  As the weeks go on and as I learn more about design I will try and create a magazine cover that I think sums up the weeks news –  a photographic diary all nicely packaged in the form of a blog.  Beautiful.


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