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foursquare doesn’t like Wales?

So I was extra busy this evening playing about on the internet and becoming very easily distracted by all things silver, yes I am a magpie (anything to avoid the hell of some more shorthand) when I saw a tweet.  I have been following @mashable for a while now so I definitely thought it was worth a look.

I followed the link to an article on CNN to an interview with Pete Cashmore who was going on about a new social networking tool, as if we don’t have enough! He, apart from being very good looking has a incredible grasp on the ways that social networking will develop and take on a life of their own.  This new tool, or plaything that we need to know about is called foursquare.

Keeping true to my curious nature off I went to have a look, but in signing up I hit the first obstacle and an appalling obstacle which has completely put me off.

Foursquare is a virtual game where players can check in at their location, and if you do it enough times you obviously become Mayor of the town. But Cardiff is not even an option! Unfortunately, us Welsh social networkers have no network, we have to be Bristolians.

This is an outrage! Surely as Cardiff is the capital of Wales it deserves its position on foursquare a tiny bit more than Bristol. After all, Birmingham and Edinburgh can have a new Mayor…

Maybe they thought Wales was a part of Manchester, as one incredibly confused Canadian once asked me.



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a little test..

I thought I would do a little mid afternoon test. Can I use Facebook as a journalistic tool at 1.30pm on a Thursday afternoon?

Besides the usual girl meets boy, girl loves boy, girl dumps boy publicly on facebook and removes her relationship status – is there actually anything I could use for a story?

The Journalist’s Guide to Facebook seems to think that we can, “Journalists and the institutions they write for are finding Facebook to be an important resource in conducting the reporting that they do.” – But are we? Our use of Facebook is limited as we choose who to be friends with.

Picture 1Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I am friends with anyone newsworthy. But I will not give up at the first hurdle, let’s have a closer look.

Picture 3

No, definitely not. Everyone is interesting in playing a farming game on my facebook page. I can’t seem to find an interesting angle or point in my news feed.

So, I have a had a thought – granted, an unoriginal thought, but what if I set up a facebook account that could source stories for me.  Perhaps, I could start with a group within my friendship network, but then if I created a username specifically targeted at sourcing stories I could reap some dishy rewards.

But, of course, this would only work if I build a relationship with the people in my community, as Leah Betancourt from MASHABLE, the social media guide says,

Picture 2

Right then, I am off to be a human journalist…



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