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Less than two months ago I signed up for the Cardiff Half Marathon.  Why? Well, because I am a very impulsive person and am not very good at forward thinking. I tend to think on the spot, hence why I enjoy blogging but may not be a good blogger.  Yet.

As a very quick reaction to my mum being diagnosed with Breast Cancer I decided to take up running.  I began accumulating all the gadgets – good shoes, suave running shorts and of course, a Nike+, before actually getting down to the nitty-gritty and running.  But now it is all over.  I am sat on my bed resting my swollen, aching legs with no guilt about not running this evening, but I actually miss it.

Yesterday, was the first sporting event I have taken part in since sports day in primary school.  Athletics is not my key to making friends.  It was even pointed out that I run stupidly on occasion.  But being a part of an 11,000 strong running crew made me feel very proud of myself and I did try very hard to make friends.

When we were running up St. Mary’s Street towards Cardiff Bay, it felt very odd as no-one was speaking. No-one. Everyone was dead set on running hard and concentrating.  I, however, felt like I was in a scene from 28 days later, or running away from an H.G Wells alien type figure.  I wasn’t.  Although there were a couple of fairies, some tigers and a man dragging a crucifix behind his back.

Towards the end I thought I might cry, or die – one or the other, but I managed to make it under the blue sign in 2:12.  I ran 13.1 miles in aid of Breast Cancer Care, and my mother, and managed to raise £1,215 and counting.  Unfortunately for my poor, swollen kankles all this has done is spur me on.  I thought I would give up after the half marathon but I have found something where I can compete with my biggest enemy.  Myself.  Being the youngest of four, it was instilled in me from an early age that “life is a competition”.  Now, I don’t entirely believe that.  I don’t think that you need to compete with everyone for everything.  But competing with yourself is pretty good fun, and being able to time yourself while competing is even more fun, and after all, it would be a shame to waste my new toys.



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