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which shoe are you in the online world?

I am watching The City and it is taking over my brain. I am really trying to ignore the fabulous clothes, ridiculous conversation and the emptiness of their lives which I secretly want. So I thought I would try and incorporate it into my blog post about Joanna Geary’s lecture this week. Well, they do say you don’t know a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes.

Social media is a world of accessories, shoes and outfits that match yet simultaneously clash. And it can be an absolute shopping disaster until you find the right style that suits you.

Joanna Geary started experimenting with her style when she joined The Birmingham Post.  She realised the importance of blogging and building an online community for The Post early on in 2007.

After coming across a local blogger in Birmingham called Pete Ashton, she badgered him until he gave her all of his style advice. I will let her explain in a bit more detail:

A key lesson in social media and in styling – listen and take advice from those who know better. Just as you would consult the latest fashion magazine for key advice about the latest shoe, or most stylish accessory, consult key bloggers if you want to improve your blogging style.

In 2007, Joanna relaunched The Birmingham Post website.  She encouraged people from all over Birmingham to write for it; from engineering lecturers, to fashion students to journalists – eventually she had over 30 bloggers from across The City blogging about their relevant subjects.

Through groups such as e-mint she began to develop her online presence and start to converse with a network that she had never met. People began to be aware of her. She developed her own style.  She was moving into Mary Jane territory.  Secure, always fashionable and dependable.  Not yet showing off, but people began to look to her for inspiration.

Soon after, she stepped out to The Times where she became their Web Development Editor. Tasked with developing the business site, Joanna has had to develop an engagement strategy for news that will soon sit behind a paywall. Now a stiletto, surely? Perhaps paving the way for other news models, she has an open mind about paywalls, compared to many others. Joanna thinks that the possibility of engaging with a smaller audience where she can be helpful to her consumers is a positive move.

In understanding how news comes to people in their ordinary lives, she can design products that are suitable for them. Is she now the stylist to look to?

Recently, there has been a change in consumer behaviour. People consume their news when they want it and more than anything they crave interaction.  They want to share style advice, tips and blogging accessories – widget is the new type of bracelet, don’t you know – but what makes a blog successful, is interaction.

So, what shoe am I in the online world?

Well, I’m enthusiastic, eager to learn and still slightly clueless. But from now on, I will do my best to listen, watch and learn from those that have found their style.

I want to be a stiletto, but at the moment I am pretty sure I’m a clog. Slightly wooden, found only by those who love me, unable to go with any specific outfit and certainly not part of The City, but hopefully, I will soon be back in fashion…



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